Game Dev.

Alvilda’s Return.

A 3rd person adventure game about a girl called Alvilda trapped in a maze in the bowels of the Earth. Players use sound to lead her through the maze of passages back to daylight. Underpinning the game design and interactions is a story based on elements in Nordic folklore.

Players do not control Alvilda directly instead they move a cursor within the world, the cursor is the player’s representation in the game. The player can manipulate sound objects to generate noise, Alvilda will then become curious and investigate.  A key part of the gameplay is figuring out how to interact and manipulate the world to create sound and direct where Alvilda needs to go. 

We currently have a prototype in development to test the different gameplay elements, this is broken into 3 playable sections:

  1. Camera and Movement Controls
  2. Sound Puzzles and Sound Interactions
  3. Enemies and defending Alvilda.


That is all we can say right now. We will update this section of the site when we have more information to share with you. 

Skills Used

Interaction & Level Design
Storyboarding & Plotting
Puzzle Design
Programmed in C#
Built in Unity


An interactive comic book on tablet. Readers could go through the story about a tiny steam powered robot looking for a purpose, while listening to the atmospheric soundtrack.

Readers could scroll through the pages taking in the story at their own pace. Tick and other items within the story would appear highlighted in green, the reader would tap them, and an animation with sound would play.

A second part of Tick was developed, in this section 3D models were used to recreate scenes from the comic book. These scenes were arranged to create mini games. Clues in the story text would reveal what the reader would need to do within the game to advance the narrative.

Skills Used

System Design
2D Animation
3D Modelling & Animation

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