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At Crivantech, we’re fully transparent with all our clients, making sure that no question goes unanswered and more importantly, assuring that all our clients understand the services we provide. Read below for our terms on social media plans.

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Crivantech Terms

Last Updated: June 10th 2021

01 – Social Media Access

Your social media account information will be needed for us to provide our service. As such, you’ll need to send us your login information (typically a username/email/password) for our teams to be logged in and linked with our posting software. The information needed can differ depending on the platform, but this will be clarified in communications between our sales associates. By using our services, you also grant Crivantech and/or its partners the ability to transmit this information across borders to social media managers and professionals in other locations. Locations for our partners include (but are not limited to) the United Kingdom, South Africa, Portugal, India and the United States. This information is required for us and will always be kept secure using VPNs, SSL Certificates and encryption methods that make sure your data is only seen by those who need to.

02 – Posting & Content

When working with Crivantech, all content that you would like to be posted on your social media needs to be provided by you. This means sending us images and relevant content to place on your social media channels via email or another communication method of choice. If images are not sent to us, we will create a post that we believe fits the brand narrative and style, making sure that your quota is still fulfilled – this is only used as a backup and any assets that we use are properly licensed with independent sources. Posting is done through either our or partner company internal software, where your account credentials are linked to a panel that supports the posting and scheduling of content. The images will be uploaded here to then be sent to your social media when they are needed – this content cannot be seen by anyone else and is kept internal for each clients’ protection. If we miss a post during the week for your package, this will be made up with a post on the following day that another post is not scheduled, keeping your feed cohesive and adhering to your plan’s post quota. Metadata is also added to your posts which helps us track our workflow.

03 – Files, Templates & Assets

Posts, templates, and specific assets used for certain posts are all under the ownership of Crivantech and/or our partner companies. Should you wish to cancel your social media plan, you will be given the option to purchase the template files for a price of £15/per file. This will allow you to take ownership of the templates and specified assets, meaning you can continue to use them. You can purchase the files through Crivantech’s sales associates and will be provided in an editable file format which you choose. Additional file formats of the same file can be sent at no additional cost.

04 – Posts done externally

Posts that are provided and posted outside of Crivantech’s plans are not counted towards your quota, however they can disrupt our schedules and campaign plans and are not recommended but an option if you so choose. In addition to this, we are not liable for content posted on your page that has not been created by us. 

05 – Liabilities

Crivantech or our partner companies are not liable for your business’s messages, comments, follows or reviews that are left from external customers or users on social media. We are only liable for posts that are made by Crivantech and our partners and will always check post wording and content to ensure the client is satisfied with what is being posted. Any miscommunications can be rectified in the form of an additional revised post whilst still adhering to the plan’s post quota.

06 – Payments

Crivantech plans are offered on a monthly subscription basis with all subscriptions being paid prior to work commencing. Crivantech will always offer the option to change the subscription in line with our client’s needs. All payments are to be made via BACs or bank transfer, account details will be provided on your monthly invoice and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

07 – Refunds & Partial Refunds

Refunds for social media plans will not be given and the plan will then expire after the final payment is received. An expired plan can be reinstated from a manual request from our sales associates via our contact form. If a cancellation is received during a subscription, posts will still continue for the duration of the plan until the end of the subscription, no partial refund will be given.